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Since 1998 the ARC Network has helped companies with brand recognition, qualified leads and sales as a result of advertising on the ARC Network web site. The ARC Network is the most well-known and trusted web site for accident reconstruction research and networking.

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Advertising with the ARC Network

The ARC Network is also the most visited web site for the accident reconstruction and traffic investigation industry. We have one of the highest retention rates for our advertisers as they tell us over 50% of Internet traffic is a direct result of being on the ARC Network web site.

The ARC Network prides itself on being the top search result in all major search engines including Google. As more and more companies use the Internet to search for anything and everything, you need to be listed on a web site that continues to be ranked as a top result in Google.

If you are ready to direct more traffic to your web site, receive new leads and ultimately more sales, please review the options available to place your product and/or service on the ARC Network web site.

Advertising Options

Accident Reconstruction Directory

Your company will have a solid and effective presence in the ARC Network and search engines all year. The ARC Network's Accident Reconstruction Directory is the most powerful directory service on the Internet today. For over 16 years companies have come to trust the ARC Network and those listed on our web site. With a directory listing you have the power to promote your product(s) or service(s) on the most visited and trusted Internet directory for Accident Reconstruction and Traffic Safety. The ARC Network attracts the visitors; your listing will make the sale!

Each listing includes:

  • Professional company listing in the Accident Reconstruction Directory
  • List in multiple categories
  • List in multiple locations (Nationwide)
  • Phone number displayed on listing
  • Receive and display reviews from users
  • Publish blog articles
  • Publish press releases and articles
  • Publish a product photo album
  • Publish a product video album
  • Publish coupons and deals
  • Publish events
  • Publish job openings
  • Post a brochure
  • Publish classified ads
  • Business logo
  • Links to website and social media (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, You Tube and Blogs)
  • Location map
  • Add your own SEO keywords and terms
  • ALSO INCLUDES: Banner Ad and Sponsor Graphic at no extra cost!

>> View the Accident Reconstruction Directory

Directory advertising on the ARC Network is simple, just sign up for our Advertising Membership online and follow the online instructions. You will receive a administrative login to your listing allowing you to keep complete control over your listing.

Cost: $1250.00 per year or $115.00 per month
Sign Up Page: Click here or call (800) 280-7940 x102

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Banner Advertising

Banner advertising has been around since the Internet first started becoming popular. Almost every web site you visit incorporates banner advertising for the simple reason - it works!

With a banner ad in the ARC Network, your banner ad will be in rotation on the top and bottom of every page in the ARC Network web site. You design the banner ad and tell us what URL you would like the link to go, we do the rest. As a bonus, your banner ads also display on the Accident Reconstruction Search Engine at no extra cost!

The other great aspect of banner advertising is that it is measurable. You know how may times the banner has been viewed on the web site and how many times someone has clicked the banner.

Banner advertising is the perfect method for brand recognition, especially if you have a banner ad on a web site that directly relates to your target market and the web site attracts a large number of people who would be potential clients.

Banner advertising on the ARC Network is simple, just sign up for our banner ad service, email your graphic of the banner ad and we do the rest.

Banner Ad Size: 480 x 60 pixels
File Types Accepted: .gif or .jpg

Cost: $500.00 per year plus a one-time setup fee of $25.00

Please call (800) 208-7940 to set up banner advertising

Sample Banner Ad

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Sponsor Graphic

Look to the right navigation of this web page (close to the top) and you will see a series of sponsor graphics. These graphics show up on all pages of the ARC Network web site. These graphics provide graphical branding for your product, service or company and directly to any URL you would like. Theses graphics even show up on the home page of the ARC Network which receives millions of hits every month!

Sponsor Graphic advertising is the perfect method for brand recognition, especially if you have a presence on a web site that directly relates to your target market and the web site attracts a large number of people who would be potential clients.

Sponsor Ad Size: 200 x 75 pixels
File Types Accepted: .gif or .jpg

Cost: $750.00 per year plus a one-time setup fee of $25.00

Please call (800) 208-7940 to set up a sponsor graphic

Sample Sponsor Ads

Lightpoint Data   Laser Tech    ARAS360

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Custom Email Blast

The ARC Network has one of the largest databases for the industry of Accident Reconstruction, Traffic Investigation and Traffic Safety. Our members and opt0in subscribers trust the ARC Network for information and research regarding this niche industry. If you have a new product or service, are launching a new business, have a press release or any important information that you want to immediately get in front of the accident reconstruction community, the ARC Network custom email blast is for you.

Our custom email blast will only deliver per-approved content that must relate to the industry of Accident Reconstruction and must provide important information to our users. Using our custom email blast you will receive the following:

  • A custom email send to over 8500 opt-in recipients
  • A full report of how many email were delivered, bounced, opened and also clicked
  • Includes the ability to perform A/B testing on each send to ensure a greater open rate
  • Can be sent as full HTML email or TEXT only
  • Scheduled for an exact time/date delivery
  • You develop the email and we provide the rest

File Types Accepted: HTML or TEXT
Cost: $1000.00 per send

Please call (800) 208-7940 to set up a custom email blast

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Custom Custom Web Site Design, Development and Hosting

A web site is a professional face for your company, an interactive brochure that your clients can have freedom to browse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. A website opens up a whole new world of advertising potential and is proven to not only generate new business but to retain your existing clients by offering them the information they need, any time, at the touch of a button.

You can advertise as much or as little on your website as you need. It is a fully dynamic brochure about your company which can be updated quickly and easily, add photos to draw your clients attention, market out your 'News' to existing and new customers for free, regain customer enquiries and orders and more importantly be up to date against competitors.

The Internet is the number one source where people will look for anything and everything at their ease and as the saying goes 'you have to be in it to win it', a website offers, credibility and professionalism but most importantly, provides the potential customer with immediate information, at a time when they want it!

Let the ARC Network, the leaders in Internet exposure for Accident Reconstruction, design and host your web site on the Internet. First impressions are critical and even more critical when it comes to your professional web site.

Cost: Varies

Please visit our web site section of the ARC Network for detailed information

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Accident Reconstruction Search Engine

The ARC Network, in conjunction with Google, has developed an Accident Reconstruction Search Engine. This search engine only provides results of web sites and resources that relate directly to the accident reconstruction industry. This search engine is a stand-alone search engine and is separate from the ARC Network web site; however, the entire ARC Network is indexed in the search engine and this is the engine we use for the ARC Network's search functionality.

If you would like to add the Accident Reconstruction Search Engine to your web site, there is no charge to do so. We do charge a small fee to index your web pages in the search engine which covers the cost for us to keep the search engine up and running.

For complete information on this power search engine please visit:

Give the AR Search Engine a try - click here

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Please give us a call to discuss any of the advertising options available on the ARC Network.

NOTE: We can also set up a custom advertising opportunity for you that includes booth space at any of our conferences and advertising in Collision Magazine. We are also open to help with a monthly payment plan if you would rather spread out your payments. Please give us a call to discuss.

(800) 280-7940

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