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Welcome to the Accident Reconstruction Communications Network. The ARC Network is the leading online portal for all areas of the accident reconstruction and traffic accident investigation industry. The ARC Network provides the industry's most robust directory service allowing you to find an expert witness, professional organization, training organization, accident reconstruction products or law enforcement agencies working in traffic investigation/reconstruction. For those who join the ARC Network, you will be listed in our directory service and also have access to accident reconstruction databases and other information in our secure members only section of the web site. Our goal is to provide you with the most useful and fresh online databases and tools to assist with your daily case requirements.

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Leica and MicroSurvey Software

ARC-CSI Crash Conference

Join us in Nevada for the annual ARC-CSI Crash Conference. The largest annual crash exposition in the world!
ARC-CSI Crash Conference

September 18-21, 2017

EDR User's Summit

Join us in Houston, Texas for the EDR Summit. The EDR Summit will deliver the next step in advanced Event Data Recorder (EDRs) technology for vehicle crash analysis.
EDR Summit

Collision Magazine

Collision Magazine, the International Compendium for Crash Research is the top-rated print publication for accident reconstruction, traffic investigation, and crash research.
Collision Magazine

Bosch CDR Tool - Crash Data Retrieval

The Bosch CDR Tool
The essential tool for retrieving EDR data from a vehicle involved in a crash
Crash Data Group

ARC Network Membership Information

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Need help with membership? Call 800-280-7940

The ARC Network cares about each of our members success. Our goal is to continually grow a worldwide networking and research web portal within the industry of accident reconstruction. As a member of the ARC Network you will have access to the tools to build a professional online presence with a few clicks of the mouse. Members also have access to a "Members Only" section of the ARC Network that provides a variety of online databases to assist with daily case requirements.

In addition to providing our members a listing in our world-class accident reconstruction directory and providing access to the members only section, we are also experts in search engine optimization (SEO). All of our SEO expertise is built directly in the ARC Network web site giving it top exposure in search engines. We also give our members the tools to build SEO and social media options directly into their membership listings to give added exposure to individual member page listings within the ARC Network.

Becoming a member of the ARC Network is much more than granting you member status, it also provides you with case leads, valuable tools and databases, networking opportunities, discounts to leading conferences and allows you to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

Membership Levels

The ARC Network understands each person, company or department in the accident reconstruction industry is unique and has specific needs. To address those needs we have created various "levels" of membership.

Individual Memberships:

  • Basic
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Corporate

Group Memberships:

  • Police
  • Educator
  • Association
  • Advertiser

Members Only Section

All ARC Network members have access to the secure, password-protected section of the ARC Network. In this section the ARC Network provides additional research information and online databases to help you with your daily case requirements and to also keep you informed of new ideas and research topics in the accident reconstruction industry.

Some of the information you will find include:

  • Vehicle Specifications Database
  • Motorcycle Specifications Database
  • Vehicle Crush Stiffness Database
  • Library of published articles
  • Members specials - discounts to conferences, training events and products

When you evaluate the promotion, services, tools and databases we provide to our members, you will quickly see the benefits of becoming a member. Then, when you compare our prices to those of other directory services, software companies, print advertising and distribution lists you further realize the ARC Network offers the most value for your membership dollars.

Accident Reconstruction Directory

Completely redesigned in 2014 to be one of the most powerful directories for the accident reconstruction industry. This is the directory attorney's, insurance companies and other professionals turn to when they need to retain an expert. We have positioned our directory to be the #1 search result in Google and other search engines when people Google for an accident reconstruction experts.

Every member of the ARC Network has the option of completing a professional online profile which is indexed to the ARC Network Accident Reconstruction Directory. Your listing will be displayed based on the type of membership you have and the search criteria entered (Name, State, City, Specialty, etc). The search results from the expert directory link directly to a personal, full-page listing in the ARC Network. Each listing is also indexed using key words for SEO optimization and also links to your own social media pages such as Linked In, YouTube Channel and Facebook. From here prospective clients can learn about the services you offer and contact you directly via phone, fax, letter or email.

>> View the Accident Reconstruction Directory

Special Member Discounts

  • ARC-CSI Crash Conference: $50 registration discount
    This conference is held annually Las Vegas, NV. It includes multiple full scale crash tests conducted at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and 3-days of technical presentations from leading experts from around the world. In addition to the live crash testing and presentations, this conference also conducts workshops giving you hands-on training to real-world incidents.

  • CDR User's Summit: $50 registration discount
    The CDR User's Summit is offered annually in Houston, TX. This is a comprehensive training summit to publish Crash Data Retrieval System (CDR) related information in the form of papers, data compendium and the like. It covers legal issues, legislation, user applications, and future developments. Subject matter experts from around the world present on the newest topics and research regarding crash data retrieval (CDR).

  • $50 off annual memberhsip is a dynamically driven web site enabling information about experts involved in the collection and analysis of Event Data Recorder (EDR) data to be accessed and retrieved by those looking to retain their services. It's also positioned to be the number one resource for EDR information, research and training opportunities specific to EDR/CDR technology. 

  • FREE CRUSH Stiffness Spreadsheet
    All members of the ARC Network can download a free copy of Greg Russell's Crush Stiffness Excel Spreadsheet.

  • Complimentary Subscription to Collision Magazine ($139.00 value)
    This offer is only available to PLATINUM and POLICE Agency Level memberships.
    Collision: The International Compendium for Crash Research: is a publication dedicated to providing timely and current research and information on crash research. This is the first publication of its kind, featuring peer-reviewed technical papers, crash test data, industry news and research. Included with every issue is a bonus CD containing all papers in electronic PDF format and supporting data.

Member's Voice

"I've been with you since you began & want to thank you AGAIN for your service and congratulate you for becoming the much needed hub for SO MANY recon sites/groups. My partner @ work has a tough case that NONE of the other data-bases or sites could help him with ... but in less than a minute I could find the vehicle info/specs he needed."

"I want to thank you for the information you gave me. It is exactly what I needed to complete my reconstruction of the fatality accident I handled"

"Hi...I just wanted to thank you for an excellent a Forensic Accident Investigation Engineer I find the technical information available invaluable to me and my clients...I am pleased to have a membership in ARC and would highly recommend your web site for other professionals working in the transportation accident investigation fields...Great Job Done!!! :-)"

"I have been a happy member of the ARC Network since 1999. During that time, my business has benefited greatly from the professional exposure your network has provided. Each and every year I receive enough new business to more than pay for my costs associated with maintaining a platinum web site on your network."

"I recently received my membership renewal notice in the mail. Because I am no longer working in an AR capacity, I am letting all of my memberships in AR organizations expire. I have enjoyed the information obtained through the web site and e-mails. Should I find myself back in the AR field in the future, the ARC Network will be one of the first organizations to which I will reapply. Thanks."

"Thanks again for the referral on the double fatality…this site is a lifesaver!! I work with one of the largest personal injury attorney firms in the southeast."

"I hope your speed at processing my app is a characteristic of competence that infects your whole organization. As you probably know some groups take forever and seldom respond directly to comments... I am impressed!"

"This is outstanding! We receive several cases a year via the ARC Network"

"I am impressed with the detailed information ARC provides on the Internet." Presently, I have been assigned 5 fatal cases and need more specialized information, like AUTO-PEDESTRIAN collisions. Within a few hours of browsing, I see that I'm not alone out here in the Pacific! Again, I glad to be aboard the ARC Network."

"That's it!! Thank you Scott- sorry, I had the wrong web site. And thanks for responding on a Saturday- that's going the extra mile!!"

"Thanks for the quick response ...makes me feel bad I took so long. I wanted to say that I enjoyed my time in the ARC Network, and have been impressed with the professional way you have always run things. I especially enjoyed the crash testing and educational aspects of the ARC-CSI Crash Conference in Las Vegas."

"This is a great site, its a must
for everyone in this field to communicate. This site enables that. I have recommended this site to others in the field."

"Keep up the good work…. NA

PARS is proud to be a member of the ARC Network."

"Would like you to know, I was contacted by a law firm, regarding my services, today, got my name from ARC. I think it is the first to my knowledge, but am glad I was listed with you, and that your work is successful. Thank you again for your work Scott"

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